About Us

Our History

We are located at 35 John Street West, which at one time housed the town library, but to give you an idea of how long we have served this community and grown with it, a little history should be shared.

What is now known as the Bradford Animal Clinic began as an animal office previously located in the Bradford Plaza in 1980, originally owned and operated by Dr. Jim Robertson. After purchasing this office and building a solid foundation with the residents and their pets, Dr. Corradini saw the need to expand the practice. He began expanding the practice to include full hospital services and was the first veterinarian in the area to make ultrasound imaging available to patients, not only in a hospital setting but also in the equine mobile service.

Our Facilities

In 1999 the Bradford Animal Clinic relocated to the current location and continued to expand and upgrade to better serve the needs of the companion animals in the area and their owners. 35 John Street offered more space to create a true hospital dynamic. Our Intensive Care and Isolation Ward, complete with inline oxygen and critical care monitoring, is stocked to treat critical and care cases. It is fitted with full glass doors so patients are easily observed by on-duty technicians, which makes constant care a priority as well as an easy task. The large modern surgical bay is also glass enclosed to allow technicians and interns to observe, learn and participate in procedures. This was modelled after human hospital designs and offers our sick or injured patients the same level of medical care their owners would receive if they were admitted to a community hospital.

Our exam rooms are fully stocked with all the latest materials required; stainless steel tables and porcelain tile flooring allows for an efficient cleanup and disinfection between appointments while creating a comfortable environment for all. The large reception area also allows for the separation of animals who may be experiencing a little anxiety over their visit to the veterinarian. Don’t worry, we won’t take that personally, we do understand!

The most recent upgrade to the clinic is the addition of digital radiography, allowing clearer, more detailed images for accurate diagnosis in a shorter length of time while being eco-friendly to the environment and eliminating the need for disposal of harsh developing chemicals.