Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a part of regenerative medicine which makes use of immature cells from the body that have not differentiated into a certain cell type. These are known as stem cells.

Stem cells are derived from bone marrow or fat and are multipotential. They can develop into tendon, ligament, cartilage, cardiac, nerve, or muscle cells, blood vessels, fat and or liver tissue. This form of therapy has been used successfully to treat a host of soft tissue and arthritic problems in horses and dogs. We have found good results with osteoarthritis conditions of the hip elbow and stifle (knee).

The system we use involves taking autogenous cells – cells taken from the animals own tissues (usually adipose-fat). Through a simple surgical procedure, a small amount of tissue is removed, washed, and cells are isolated. The cells are then centrifuged to get the appropriate number of stem cells which are in turn injected back into the diseased area, usually the affected joint. Although this sounds like an involved and costly therapy it can provide an option where other conventional treatments are not successful.

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