Wellness Exams

BradfordAnimalClinic16Our pets and the animals we care for are ‘silent sufferers ‘  because they cannot tell us when something is wrong. We may not pick up on subtle signs that may relate to an illness or disease. In some cases by the time we recognize overt signs the disease has progressed to a stage requiring advanced and costly treatments and may also result in death.  Wellness Exams have been proven to be beneficial in early detection and treatment of many controllable conditions . Wellness Exams can vary but all include a thorough physical exam checking heart, lungs, teeth, body condition and more.  They usually include blood work and sometimes radiography which often show early clues to developing problems.  Although physical exams are performed, it is sometimes prudent to include routine blood work or other testing.  It is also important with those animals on alternate or three year vaccination protocols as well as our senior pets that they get yearly wellness exams as it may save your pets life. In some cases early treatment might be indicated or a simple diet change to insure a long and healthy life.

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