Black pug stares longingly at pieThe staff at Bradford Animal Clinic believes that health management through a quality Veterinary Diet is the first step toward a ‘living healthy plan’ for your pet. It is a common misconception that Veterinary Diets are more expensive, when in fact many of them are designed to decrease common ailments such as urinary crystals or gastrointestinal issues.

The value in choosing the right food is directly reflected in reducing the recurrence rate of such conditions. Let us consult with you about the needs of your pet and provide the quality food that could maintain an improved lifestyle. We are always ready to consult with clients on the dietary needs of their pets. Our clinic offers a full line of Veterinary Diets and supplements, as well as Prescription Specific Diets that are designed to support pets with chronic lifetime conditions.

We understand that choosing the right food can be difficult, so let us show you the value in the right Veterinary Diet.

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