Dr. Corradini giving a large black lab an ultrasound with the help of a staff memberUltrasound has revolutionized veterinary medicine in the sense that we now have a way of imaging the soft tissue structures of the body. Although x-rays are good for bones and obvious large soft tissue structures, ultrasound lets us look into body parts. Enabling us to be able to see a contrast in the makeup of the different tissues and organs which helps to identify inflammation, infection, trauma, and in some cases cancers.

This clinic is equipped with a digital colour copier contrast 3D ultrasound unit which we use routinely to diagnose disease. Ultrasound is an interpretive science and the interpretation of the images obtained is just as important as obtaining them.

Dr. Corradini has taken advanced training and has performed ultrasound services for our clients and referral veterinarians for over 25 years. This has allowed Bradford Animal Clinic to help our patients with all sorts of illnesses including sport-related injuries.

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